Story of Weare Giffard

The Story of Weare Giffard

In November 1999 an article appeared in the Crosslet suggesting that for the Millennium we as a community celebrate by writing the story of our village. From the initial response a strong and enthusiastic team of villagers commenced production.

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It has taken many tens of contributors, from oral information to photographs; from written records to family trees. It has been written by no less than eighteen writers, who researched this information, collated it and finally bought it together in their individual styles, to make the numerous articles in this book. Further, a support group was established to apply for grant aid, which was achieved; and in turn, from this group and by appeal, a dedicated band of eight formed themselves into the editorial team.

Constantly we have been amazed and gratified by the response and beyond that the quality of the material and the work produced. It seems that in each of us there is just a little need to understand something of our roots, including the history of our village. Exciting discoveries have been made, from flints to crop-marks; and from fossils to murders. We have tried to paint a picture of the length of history, yet equally we have broadened this approach to include contemporary aspects, such as flora and fauna, issues and characters. This has led to the occasional overlap, which we have chosen to leave in, to develop a more rounded and wholesome approach.

Through this, our story of our village, we will take you from earliest times through to the present; and with their visions, the children will lead us into the future. The book has truly been a community effort and from the bottom of our hearts, the editorial team thanks everyone for their support, whether in the writing and production of the book, or with financial assistance.

We commend to you this our story, we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed producing it.

Keith Hughes Editor. Spring 2001

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