Churchyard Gravestones • P - Z

Surname P-ZChristian NamesRelationshipDiedAgeBornPicturePlotComments
PS and F1894 and 1902PictureS-125Footstone for Samuel and Fanny Parkhouse
PJ1900PictureS-085Footstone for John Parr
PG and M1893 and 1900PictureN-033Footstone for George and Mary Palmer
PT S1899PictureN-007Footstone for Thomas Sanford Parr
PE A1904PictureS-091Footstone for Elizabeth Ann Phillips
PM E1895PictureS-102Footstone for Mary and Elizabeth Palmer
PaganWilliam20 May 18811835Picture
S-030Born in Edinburgh
PalmerMaryWidow of George Palmer4 Jun 190091PictureN-138
PalmerGeorgeHusband of Mary Palmer15 Dec 189385PictureN-138
PalmerMary ElizabethDaughter of Isaac and Jane Palmer11 Mar 189522PictureN-071
PalmerJane193091PictureM-B06Buried 11 Jan 1930 of Halspill
ParishCharles John19961920PictureS-149
ParkhouseFannyWidow of Samuel Parkhouse12 Apr 190285PictureN-126
ParkhouseSamuelHusband of Fanny Parkhouse26 Jan 189486PictureN-126
ParkhouseWilliam H2 Mar 193275PictureM-B13Of Ford View
ParrCharleySon of John and Susan Parr14 Jun 18555PictureN-100
ParrJohn23 Feb 190077PictureN-143
ParrSusanWife of John Parr5 Nov 185834PictureN-099
ParrMaryDaughter of John and Margaret Parr9 Sep 18642PictureN-101
ParrThomas SanfordHusband of Mary Jane Parr21 Jan 189944PictureN-145
ParrMary JaneWidow of Thomas Sanford Parr24 Jan 190656PictureN-142
ParsonsJohn Isaac192254PictureM-A06Buried 22 Sep 1922 of Wyatt
PassmoreWilliam25 Jun 183119PictureS-037
PentecostSophia15 Feb 186534PictureN-004
PerkinRobertWidower of Maria Perkin17 Dec 191682Picture
PerkinMariaWife of Robert Perkin29 Apr 190976Picture
PetherickEllenWife of Daniel Petherick11 May 190856PictureN-121
PetherickGeorgeSon of D and E Petherick25 Apr 191231PictureN-121
PetherickWalterSon of D and E Petherick21 Dec 190223PictureN-121At Andover
PetherickRobert CharlesFather of Neil Petherick8 Sep 19944312 Aug 1951PictureM-K02Of Timberlayne - Chopes Bridge
PetherickGeoffrey Robert CSon of Gillian9 Oct 1991208 Nov 1970PictureM-J02Of Timberlayne - Chopes Bridge
PhillipsElizabeth AnnWife of George Phillips10 Nov 190459PictureN-150
PhillipsGeorge193190PictureM-B09Buried 7 Mar 1931 of Cliff Cottage
PickardPeggy MayDaughter of James and Clara Pickard21 Jan 197227PictureM-H03Of Oldiscleave Farm
PowellRobert Cunningham6 May 193539PictureM-N05Of The Barton
PrattJohn G A15 Mar 200612 Oct 1937PictureS-166Of Culver - Halspill
PriscottAnnWife of William Priscott182636PictureN-042Buried 25 Aug 1826 - of Bensons
ProuseMabelWife of John Thomas Prouse13 Jan 192633PictureM-B24
ProuseErnest WilliamWidower of Ada Prouse27 Apr 199289PictureM-N04
ProuseGladys MabelDaughter of Ernest and Ada Prouse3 Nov 19343y8mPictureM-O05Of Annery Kiln
ProuseAdaWife of Ernest William Prouse13 Apr 198379PictureM-N04Of Sunnyside - Saltrens - Monkleigh
ProuseDoreen MabelDaughter of John and Mabel Prouse15 Jan 19263wksPictureM-B24
PykeBettyWife of Peter Pyke28 Jan 183785PictureS-077
RS and J1899 and 1908PictureN-041Footstone for Sarah and John Raymont
RadfordEdithSister of John Henry Raymont26 Jan 193271PictureN-039
RandallDorothy MayWife of Roland Frank J Randall27 Feb 199167PictureM-H15Of 1 Church View
RandallRoland Frank JackWidower of Dorothy May Randall24 Apr 199984PictureM-H15Of 1 Church View
RaymontJohnWidower of Sarah Raymont3 Sep 190878PictureN-037
RaymontSarahHusband of John Raymont1 Jan 189969PictureN-037
RaymontJohn HenrySon of John and Sarah Raymont22 Sep 188418PictureN-039
RaymontWilliamSon of John and Sarah Raymont4 Jun 18606PictureS-035
ReesBessie Alice1 Dec 18976 Jan 1881PictureN-134
RippinMarion (Cissy)Née Banbrook19801897PictureS-144
RookesFlorence May18 Mar 199985PictureM-K07Of Tanglewood - Limers Lane - Northam
RookesDoris MaryWife of David Maurice Rookes11 Aug 194632PictureM-D12
RookesDoris and DavidPictureS-018A memorial seat
RookesDavid MauriceWidower of Doris Mary Rookes3 Jul 199986PictureM-D12
RookesEli John196276PictureM-G03Buried 17 Feb 1962 - of Dock Cottage
RudlandSarah Ann7 Jan 192184PictureM-O01
SUPictureN-003Footstone for Uriah Spearman?
SJ1916PictureS-083Footstone for Jane Shaddick
SA1870PictureS-093Footstone for Ann Smith
SM and W1876 and 1882PictureS-126Footstone for Mary and William Short
SE1885PictureN-013Footstone for Ellen Shaddick
SalterMaryWife of Albert A W Salter1 Jan 194858PictureM-D17Of 7 Overdale Road - Ealing
SandersJohn9 Jan 184432PictureS-038
ScoinsWilliamWidower of Fanny Scoins18 Mar 186960PictureN-084Accidentally drowned at Appledore
ScoinsFannyWife of William Scoins22 Dec 186256PictureN-084
ShaddickGeorge14 Feb 189567PictureN-137
ShaddickEllendaughter of George and Jane Shaddick7 Mar 188514PictureN-047
ShaddickJaneWife of George Shaddick29 Feb 191681PictureN-050
ShortFlorence WiltonWidow of William Henry Short13 Feb 195469PictureM-F11Of Venton Farm
ShortLouisa CarolineWife of William Henry Short1 May 190940PictureN-091Of Venton Farm
ShortWilliam Henry26 May 193869PictureM-C12Of Venton Farm
ShortWilliamWidower of Mary Short9 Apr 188274PictureS-079
ShortCharlesSon of Thomas and Betsey Short22 Sep 188928PictureS-046
ShortMaryWife of William Short9 Jul 187671PictureS-079
ShortBetseyWife of Thomas Short21 May 189668PictureN-124
ShortThomasWidower of Betsey Short28 May 190779PictureN-124
ShortThomasinWife of Joseph Short22 Nov 183173PictureN-176
Short (Senior)JosephClerk of the Parish for 28 Years21 Apr 182975Picture
N-156Inscription on reverse of headstone
SilveyVera Helen19861899PictureS-146Of 3a Church View
SkinnerAnnie15 Apr 193282Picture
SmartJohn McHaffie13 Mar 198160PictureM-H16Of 4 Church View
SmithBeatrice Mary192022PictureM-A10Buried 10 Mar 1920 of Chopes Bridge
SmithElizabethDaughter of Thomas and Mary Smith27 Mar 185228PictureN-092
SmithAnnWife of William Smith16 Feb 187074PictureN-067
SnellJohn Thomas9 Apr 182755PictureN-170
SpearmanJohn5 Sep 183025PictureN-158
SpearmanUriahHusband of Betsy Spearman30 Nov 184432PictureS-039Yeoman
SpearmanJohn GuardSon of Uriah and Betsy Spearman12 Mar 18444mPictureS-039
SquireHelenaWife of Thomas William Squire10 Aug 193167PictureM-B11Late of Whiddon Down
SquireThomas WilliamWidower of Helena Squire6 Feb 194980PictureM-B11
SquireAnnWife of Thomas Squire21 May 193674PictureM-C07Of WG
SquireThomasWidower of Ann Squire15 Feb 194182PictureM-C08Of Tithe Cottages - Littleham
StartWilliam JohnSon of Mary Start10 Jul 197891Picture
M-C24Of 5 Elm Grove - Bideford
StartNoah28 Jan 191052PictureM-A25
StartMaryMother of W. J Start and Gladys Buse7 Mar 194988Picture
M-C24Of Chopes Bridge
StedefordKevinSon of James Stedeford1983271956PictureS-151Of Old Smithy Inn - Welcombe
StedefordJames ArthurFather of Kevin Stedeford14 Apr 1993661928PictureS-151Formerly of The Cyder Presse
StevensAlice MaudWidow of Alfred Frank Stevens11 Jan 199796PictureM-E02Of The Warren - Northam
StevensDorothy MaryWidow of William Frederick Stevens19841911PictureS-154Of Bonifants
StevensWilliam FrederickHusband of Dorothy Mary Stevens19831913PictureS-154
StevensAlfred FrankHusband of Alice Maud Stevens5 Nov 194851PictureM-E02Of Quay House
StevensWilliam192855PictureM-B21Buried 13 May 1928 of Quay House
StevensSydney Joseph192818PictureM-B22Buried 6 Feb 1928 of Wear Quay
SussexMaryRelict of Matthew Sussex24 Nov 184494PictureN-165
SussexMatthewSon of John and Eunice Sussex19 Apr 178433PictureS-023Original age on gravestone was 32
SussexMolford27 May 181470PictureN-162Of Higher Venton
SussexEuniceWife of John Sussex21 Dec 179375PictureS-007Of Littleham
SymesErnest HenryHusband of Minnie Selina Symes1 May 192930 Nov 1868Picture
SymesMinnie SelinaWidow of Ernest Henry Symes30 Apr 19608224 Feb 1878Picture
M-B05Of Pinewood
TJ1900PictureS-087Footstone for John Tucker
TG1882PictureN-040Footstone for Grace Tucker
TG1904PictureS-092Footstone for George Taylor
TallinSarahWife of John Tallin12 Oct 185174PictureS-080
TallinSarahDaughter of John and Sarah Tallin21 Oct 183114PictureS-081
TaylorGeorge2 May 190447PictureN-152
TaylorEmilyWife of William F Taylor28 Sep 194968PictureM-E07Of Kengwyn - 2 Greenhill - Sherborne
TaylorWilliam FWidower of Emily Taylor21 Oct 195872PictureM-E07
ThornElizabethWife of William Thorn24 Apr 182025PictureN-181
TraceAnnWidow of William Trace26 Sep 180577PictureS-021
TraceWilliam28 Jun 180376PictureS-008
TrathenVera Maud1976541921PictureM-H04Buried 28 Aug 1976 - of Coronation Rd - Bid
TrefusisMargaret FrancesDaughter of Margaret James6 Mar 1845Picture
N-079Also wife of Hon. Capt. G R W Trefusis RN
TrickFanny23 Oct 186954PictureN-066
TrickMary7 Nov 187757PictureS-066
TrickJohn4 Apr 187677PictureS-065
TuckerSusan FlorenceWidow of Walter Henry Tucker7 Jan 200592PictureM-J09
TuckerGrace27 Aug 188262PictureN-082
TuckerJohn25 Mar 190077PictureN-155
TuckerWalter HenryHusband of Susan Florence Tucker4 Jan 199482PictureM-J09Formerly of Annery Kiln
TuckerMarjorie20 Jun 197566PictureM-G15Of 2 Venton Cottages
TuckerWilliam Thomas198581PictureM-G15Buried 16 May 1985 - 3 Copps Cl - Bideford
TurtonBetseyWife of John Turton25 Dec 186079PictureN-117
UnknownPictureN-110Iron Cross
UnknownPictureN-187Blank stone
VanstoneKathleen MayWidow of Stanley Lord Vanstone13 Oct 200079PictureM-G11Of Spindleberry - Gammaton Lane
VanstoneStanley LordHusband of Kathleen May Vanstone24 Jan 198284PictureM-G11Of Spindleberry - Gammaton Lane
VassallArthur2 Aug 189018 Jul 1890PictureS-155
WT1874PictureS-128Footstone for Thomas Wilton
WW1902PictureS-090Foostone for Wiliam White
WM.A.1918PictureN-008Footstone for Mary Ann Wise
WE1952PictureN-008Footstone for Emily Wise
WJ1908PictureN-008Footstone for John Wise
WW1873PictureS-104Footstone for William Warman
WI S1894PictureS-127Footstone for Isabella Snell Wilton
WadeCharles Reginald Bligh2nd son of Stephen and Mabel Wade24 Sep 1937533 Mar 1884Picture
N-141Of Hampton Wick - Kingston on Thames
WadeMabel FWidow of Stephen Wade6 May 192918 Aug 1854Picture
WadeStephenHusband of Mabel F Wade7 Feb 190413 Oct 1857Picture
N-141Rector of Wear Gifford 1891-1904
WainmanEvelyn CharlotteWidow of Gordon Wainman29 Feb 195298PictureN-123
WainmanGladys Evelyn Mary24 Feb 18977 Jul 1883PictureN-123
Waldron3 childrenChildren of William and Jane WaldronPictureN-068
WaldronJaneWife of William Waldron22 Sep 187330PictureN-068
WardHelen Marion67PictureM-C21Buried 21 Jan 1941of 2 Harbour Cottages
WarmanWilliam23 Jan 187354PictureN-109
WarmanCatherineWife of James Warman18 Sep 184668PictureS-012
WattsMr WilliamHusband of Mary Watts19 Sep 181177PictureS-009
WattsMaryRelict of William Watts29 Aug 181288PictureS-009
WebberMary Jane LamertonDaughter of G and F Webber8 Jan 18514mPictureS-071
WebberFanny LakeMother of Mary Jane L Webber22 Aug 185138PictureS-071
WestAnn3rd Daughter of Thomas West1 Apr 186386Picture
WestElizabethDaughter of the late Thomas West21 Dec 184573Picture
N-090Thomas West - late rector of Wear Gifford
WestlakeAlfred WilliamSon of Emma and William Westlake17 Sep 190421dysPictureN-151
WestlakeEmmaWife of William Westlake7 Sep 190427PictureN-151
WhiteWilliam3 Jun 190268PictureN-153
WilliamsEdwardHusband of Elizabeth Williams3 Jan 179159PictureS-042
WilliamsElizabethWidow of Edward Williams23 Nov 181381PictureS-042
WilliamsEllen29 Feb 197615 Oct 1885PictureS-159
WilliamsJohn Henry192970PictureM-B04Buried 8 May 1929
WilliamsSydney Thomas69PictureM-G01Buried 12 Jan 1961
WilliamsJessie198179PictureM-G01Buried 7 Apr 1981 - of 4 Annery Kiln
WilsonThirza FryWife of William Westlake Wilson4 Nov 194578PictureM-D18
WilsonWilliam WestlakeWidower of Thirza Fry Wilson28 Jan 195993PictureM-D18
WiltonCharles ThomasHusband of Laura Wilton27 Nov 197269PictureM-G14Of Torrington
WiltonThomasWidower of Caroline Agnes Wilton1 Apr 196492PictureM-F14
WiltonWilliamWidower of Ann Wilton17 Jul 187471PictureN-064
WiltonThomas19 Jun 187451PictureN-062Of Cleave Farm
WiltonIsabella SnellWidow of Thomas Wilton14 Aug 189461PictureN-061Of Cleave Farm
WiltonWilliamSon of William and Ann Wilton10 Nov 185830PictureN-063
WiltonCaroline AgnesWife of Thomas Wilton30 Aug 195782PictureM-F14
WiltonAnnWife of William Wilton5 Jan 187078PictureN-064
Wilton(Minna) LauraWidow of Charles Thomas Wilton29 Jul 200096PictureM-G14
WiltonMichael David19445mPictureM-N03Buried 14 Nov 1944 - of Cleave Farm
WiseMaryWife of Frederick Wise13 Oct 193357PictureM-B16
WiseKate ElizabethWidow of John Wise12 Jul 194663PictureM-D04Interred Lavender Hill Cemetery - Enfield
WiseJohnHusband of Mary Ann Wise15 Nov 190885PictureN-131
WiseJohnHusband of Kate Elizabeth Wise27 Mar 194476PictureM-D04Of Chopes Bridge
WiseEmilyDaughter of John and Mary Wise21 Mar 195278PictureN-131
WiseFrederickWidower of Mary Wise25 Aug 195887PictureM-B17
WiseMary AnnWidow of John Wise17 Sep 191883PictureN-131
WooldridgeEdithWife of Thomas Edward Wooldridge9 Oct 194963PictureM-E08
WooldridgeBessieWife of Thomas Edward Wooldridge19 Oct 191735PictureM-A13
WoolgarStephen John Skinner1981681913PictureM-G12Buried 9 Sep 1981 - Weare Giffard Hall
WorsnopEllinor Julia1981931887PictureM-H07Buried 18 Sep 1981 - of Castle House - Torr
YG188443c.nFootstone for Grace Yeo
YE and J1907 and 1950PictureN-023Footstone for Elizabeth and John Yeo
YatesWalter Francis20 Apr 196154PictureM-G02
YeoJohn WesleyWidower of Elizabeth Yeo14 May 195084PictureN-060
YeoWilliam Henry28 Jul 189076PictureN-098
YeoGraceWife of William Yeo24 Feb 188474PictureN-095
YeoElizabethWife of John Wesley Yeo1 May 190741PictureN-060Of Shuteslade - Meath

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