Churchyard Gravestones • H - O

Surname H-OChristian NamesRelationshipDiedAgeBornPicturePlotComments
HE1876PictureN-026Footstone for Eliza Harris
HE and N1875 and 1883PictureS-117Footstone for Eliza and Nicholas Hartnoll
HE1864PictureS-106Footstone for Emanuel Hamman
HS1860PictureS-114Footstone for Samuel Hookway
HW1856PictureN-031Footstone for William Hartnoll
HM1866PictureS-100Footstone for Mary Hartnoll
HS J1890PictureN-027Footstone for Sarah Jane Harris
HJ and M1827 and 1861PictureS-113Footstone for John and Mary Headon
HW and E1868PictureN-029Footstone for William and Elizabeth Harris
HW and E1868PictureN-018Footstone for William and Elizabeth Harris
HW1897PictureS-086Footstone for William Hasking
HA1871PictureN-032Footstone for Ann Hasking
HammanElizabethWife of Emanuel Hamman3 Nov 185760PictureN-076
HammanWilliamSon of Emanuel and Eliz' Hamman10 May 185720PictureN-076
HammanEmanuelWidower of Elizabeth Hamman10 Aug 186470PictureN-075
HammersleyRalphHusband of Thirza Hammersley10 Jul 194877Picture
M-E01Of Rose Cottage
HammersleyThirzaWidow of Ralph Hammersley25 Oct 196291Picture
HammettThomas Perkin16 Sep 19093223 Nov 1877PictureM-A26Of Ivy Cottage W G - died at Upper Tooting
HammettCharlotte EllenWidow of Abraham Hammett20 Dec 196083PictureM-F03
HammettAbrahamHusband of Charlotte E Hammett30 Aug 195284PictureM-F03
HarrisWilliamWidower of Mary Harris21 Mar 188768PictureS-048Of Ham Morwenstow - late of Littleham
HarrisEliza6 Sep 187664PictureS-027
HarrisSuzanne H19881898PictureS-157Of 8 Church View
HarrisSarah Jane29 Jun 189032PictureN-038Of Langtree
HarrisElizabethWidow of William Harris20 Dec 186874PictureS-059
HarrisJohnSon of William and Elizabeth Harris2 Mar 184319PictureS-062
HarrisWilliamHusband of Elizabeth Harris12 Nov 186878PictureS-059Yeoman of Great Southcott
HarrisMaryWife of William Harris15 Jun 186842PictureS-049Also daughter of George and Mary Davy
HarrisSophiaInfant of William and Elizabeth Harris10 May 1823PictureN-160
HarrisJamesSon of William and Elizabeth Harris22 Oct 185833PictureS-061
HarrisMarydaughter of William and Elizabeth Harris12 Nov 186042PictureS-060
HarrisGeorge Alfred Richard29 Jun 199579PictureM-J11Of 3a Church View
HartnollMaryWife of William Hartnoll30 Dec 186672PictureN-096
HartnollNicholasWidower of Eliza Hartnoll24 Dec 188383PictureN-118
HartnollWilliam8 Jan 185667PictureN-093
HartnollJohn17 Feb 187250PictureN-094
HartnollElizaWife of Nicholas Hartnoll11 Nov 187574PictureN-118
HartreeAlec John19851906PictureS-142Of Burnards
HaskingAnnWife of William Hasking15 Oct 187161PictureN-048
HaskingWilliam1 Feb 189785PictureN-135
HatfieldAlexandra19 Jan 195266PictureM-E17Of The Barton
HawksleyMarydaughter of George and Hannah Hawksley16 Jul 17713PictureN-180
HearnMary AnnWidow of Albert Hearn31 Jan 193575PictureM-B18
HearnAlbertHusband of Mary Ann Hearn4 Dec 190539PictureM-B18Died in Wales
HearnCora195038PictureM-E12Buried 6 Aug 1950 of Chopes Bridge
HearnThomas William Davey198473PictureM-E12Buried 23 Jun 1984 of Cranberry Cupboard
HeddenWalter John15 Jan 198967PictureM-F12Of Southcott Marsh - Westleigh
HeddenAnnie MaryWife of Albert James Hedden1 Oct 195662PictureM-F12
HeddenAlbert JamesWidower of Annie Mary Hedden25 Dec 198594PictureM-F12Of Highfield Manor - Northam
HockingJohn William19891927PictureS-140Of April Cottage
HoleElizabethWidow of Alfred Robert Hole17 Feb 190223 Jul 1816PictureN-140
HoleAlfred RobertHusband of Elizabeth Hole7 Aug 189818 May 1815PictureN-140
HoltbyRosalie Honour19 Dec 198880PictureM-H13Of Cranberry Cupboard Cottage
HookwaySamuel4 Mar 186073PictureS-041
HooperJohn HenryWidower of Emma Hooper13 Aug 199684Picture
M-C18Of 59 Trelawny Rd - Plympton - Plymouth
HooperEmma Littlejohnsdaughter of William and Carrie Chamings24 Jun 199481Picture
M-C18Of 59 Trelawny Rd - Plympton - Plymouth
HooperAlan27 Nov 19986929 Apr 1929PictureM-K06Of Swallows Lodge
HowMr Richard? Apr 182787PictureN-045Buried 6 Apr 1827 of Great Southcott
HoweMichael (Micky) C FHusband of Nora Howe10 Nov 198970PictureM-H14Of Commons End - Torrington
HoweNora Frances LillianWidow of Michael (Micky) Howe6 Jul 200284PictureM-H14Of River Cottage
HumphreysCatherine ElizabethWife of John Humphreys Esq.7 Feb 185057Picture
N-102At Torrington
HumphreysWilliamSon of John and Catherine Humphreys14 Jun 186530Picture
N-102At Budleigh Salterton
Humphreys Esq.John186378Picture
N-102Buried 12 May 1863 - of Torrington
HuntAnnWife of Eadward Hunt10 Feb 183449PictureS-078Of Felleigh - servant 25 yrs to Fortescues
IsaacWilliam HenryHusband of Elizabeth Isaac17 Jan 195187PictureM-C03Of Annery Kiln
IsaacWilliamWidower of Eliza Isaac14 Nov 191981PictureM-A22
IsaacEmmaWife of William Henry Isaac26 Jun 192761PictureM-B03Of Annery Kiln
IsaacElizaWife of William Isaac3 Mar 191175PictureM-A22Of Bridge View
IsaacFannyWife of John Marshall Isaac30 Jun 190735PictureN-149
IsaacGrace AnnWife of William Isaac28 Apr 189955PictureN-144
IsaacElizabethWidow of William Henry Isaac23 Dec 196289PictureM-C04
IsaacWilliam5 Jul 191264PictureM-A21Of Annery Kiln
IsaacDoris RosalineDaughter of John M and Fanny Isaac19 Aug 19078wksPictureN-149
JC O1893PictureS-094Footstone for Charles Owen Jeffery
JH1872PictureN-006Footstone for Henry Jewell
JJ and G1892 and 1927PictureN-035Footstone for James and Grace Jeffery
JacquesIvy Doris14 Aug 197980PictureM-J05Of 2 Quay Cottages
Jacques (MM)Frank29 Aug 197680PictureM-H05Of 2 Quay Cottages
JamesMargaretWidow of John James Esq19 Jun 1843Picture
JefferyJamesHusband of Grace Jeffery10 Apr 189253PictureN-119
JefferyFannyWidow of Henry Jeffery6 Nov 191870PictureM-A24
JefferyGraceWidow of James Jeffery16 Mar 192794PictureN-119
JefferyCharles OwenSon of Henry and Fanny Jeffery24 Apr 18932y10PictureN-147Torrington
JefferyHenryHusband of Fanny Jeffery2 Feb 191063PictureM-A24Of Honeybeam Farm
JefferySelina77PictureM-B04Buried 11 Jan 1928 of Halspill House
JewellHenry11 Jul 187235PictureS-069
JewellEliza Frances193033PictureM-B07Buried 14 May 1930
JewryEmilyWife of Richard Jewry24 Jun 188929PictureN-073
JohoWilliam193768PictureM-C05Buried 15 Feb 1937 of Buckland Brewer
JonesCharles EdwardSon of John and Elizabeth Jones29 Jan 18669mPictureN-065
JonesAnne ElizabethDaughter of John and Elizabeth Jones20 May 186711mPictureN-065
KernahanShirley JosephineWife of Philip Kernahan22 Oct 199259PictureM-J06Of Summer Place
KernahanPhilipWidower of Shirley Kernahan15 Nov 199869PictureM-J06Of Summer Place
KidwellFannyTwin daughter of William and Ann Kidwell15 Oct 18442PictureS-051In her 3rd year
KidwellWilliamWidower of Mary Kidwell31 Jul 185486PictureS-063
KidwellJohnSon of William and Mary Kidwell19 Jul 182623PictureS-064
KidwellElizabethTwin daughter of William and Ann Kidwell7 Oct 18442PictureS-051In her 3rd year
KidwellWilliam8 Oct 184436PictureS-052Yeoman
KidwellMaryWife of William Kidwell11 Feb 183761PictureS-063
LS and JPictureS-095Footstone for Samuel and Jane Lake?
LE Y1886PictureS-120Footstone for Emily Yeo Lilley
LakeGraceWife of Thomas Lake9 Dec 187673Picture
S-029Of Huxhill - W G
LakeJohn9 Apr 185677PictureN-059
LakeThomas Hancock7 Feb 186360PictureN-058
LakeMary Jane31 Mar 191666PictureM-A15
LakeSamuelWidower of Jane Lake25 Feb 189271PictureN-072
LakeThomas6 Aug 184573PictureN-070
LakeThomasWidower of Grace Lake9 Jan 188670Picture
LakeAnthonySon of Samuel Lake20 May 177222Picture
S-001Suffocated in Dock Kiln
LakeSamuelFather of Anthony Lake20 May 177254Picture
S-001Suffocated in Dock Kiln
LakeKatharineWidow of Samuel Lake30 Aug 180785Picture
S-001On reverse of Samuel and Anthony Lake
LakeJames27 Feb 182585PictureS-013Innkeeper of this Parish
LakeJaneWife of Samuel Lake17 Mar 186743PictureN-072
LamertonEsther23 Dec 182280PictureN-163
LamertonElizabethWife of William Lamerton23 May 185369PictureS-074
LamertonJaneWife of John Lamerton7 Nov 185365PictureS-072
LamertonCharityRelict of Richard Lamerton15 Aug 185878PictureN-088
LamertonRichardHusband of Charity Lamerton26 May 184669PictureN-089
LamertonThomas21 Aug 182280PictureN-177
LamertonWilliam10 Apr 185070PictureS-076
LamertonWilliamSon of William and Eliz'th Lamerton18 Jun 184323PictureS-075
LamertonJamesSon of John and Jane Lamerton28 Jul 183520PictureS-073
LamertonAgnesDaughter of John and Jane Lamerton17 Apr 186232PictureS-072
LamertonMary JaneDaughter of John and Jane Lamerton23 Sep 185023PictureS-071
LamertonJohnWidower of Jane Lamerton14 Oct 187586PictureS-073
LangmeadEPictureN-1931914-1918 War Memorial
LarsenBirger Magnus193961PictureM-C19Buried 14 Feb 1939 of Ingleside
LeeViolet Alison Louise20061909PictureS-167
LemmonEric RoyHusband of Barbara Lemmon11 May 197846PictureM-H06Of Salterns - Halspill
LilleyEmily YeoGrandaughter of William and Grace Yeo23 Jun 188613PictureN-097
LillyMary JaneDaughter of William Henry Yeo31 Mar 191372PictureN-098
LindonSister Josepha22 Feb 187549PictureS-003Of St Helens Bideford
LoveringTomazen JaneWife of George Lovering11 Dec 190048PictureN-154
LoveringJohn6 May 176277PictureN-001
LucasWybray19531dayPictureS-156Died March 1953 of The Rectory
MM and E1885 and 1890PictureS-084Footstone for Mary and Emmanuel Mullins
MR and A1881 and 1882PictureS-103Footstone for Richard and Ann Mounce
MJ1885PictureN-014Footstone for John Moore
MacreightAPictureN-1931914-1918 War Memorial
MacreightLPictureN-1931914-1918 War Memorial
MadgeSarah ElizabethWidow of Richard Madge21 Feb 194185PictureM-C20Of 8 Chudleigh Ave - Bideford
MadgeRichardHusband of Sarah Elizabeth Madge15 Apr 193986PictureM-C20Of 8 Chudleigh Ave - Bideford
MadgeGPictureN-1931914-1918 War Memorial
MainePhilip27 Nov 184360Picture
S-068Inscription on reverse of headstone
MallalieuAmy MariaWife of the late William Mallalieu8 Mar 19447719 Sep 1866PictureM-D15Of Southcott House
MartinWilliam HenryWidower of Fanny Gertrude Martin12 Apr 195886PictureM-D20
MartinFanny GertrudeWife of William Henry Martin26 Oct 194671PictureM-D20Of Cromwell Cotts - Newton Tracey
MartinFlora SandersWife of William H Martin19 Apr 192348PictureM-A03
MartinWilliam HWidower of Flora S Martin29 Apr 195480PictureM-A03Died in Torridge Hospital
MatthewsEllendaughter of William and Jane Matthews18 Feb 188623PictureN-057
MillerRichardSon of Josiah and Mary Miller11 Nov 186926PictureN-077Of High Bickington
MillsEllen25 Nov 193359PictureM-C01Of Halspill
MillsNancy Alberta31 May 1998758 Feb 1923PictureM-K05Of Melrose - Annery Kiln
MillsAlbert192449PictureM-A01Buried 2 Mar 1924
MoonFrank28 Nov 1914679 May 1847PictureM-A18Born Kelland Barton - Lapford
MooreMalcolm RobertSon of Robert and Irene Moore18 Jul 197016PictureM-G16Of Polkinghorne
MooreBob2007PictureM-G17Funeral 25 Jul 2007
MooreTitusHusband of Fanny E N Moore2 Mar 194980PictureM-E21Of Riversdale
MooreLucyWidow of John Pickard Moore6 Mar 198068PictureM-E20
MooreJohn20 Apr 188589PictureN-017Of St Giles
MooreJohn PickardHusband of Lucy Moore22 Feb 198069PictureM-E20Of Riversdale
MooreFanny Elizabeth NWidow of Titus Moore1 Apr 196590PictureM-E21
MooreCharlottedaughter of William and Charlotte Moore4 Aug 186913mPictureN-021Of South Wales
MooreChristine MaryDaughter of John and Lucy Moore9 Mar 19474PictureM-E22Of Riversdale
MounceRichardHusband of Ann Mounce25 Dec 188169PictureN-046
MounceAnnWidow of Richard Mounce17 Feb 188270PictureN-046
MullinsEmmanuelWidower of Mary Mullins1 Feb 189088PictureN-086
MullinsMaryWife of Emmanuel Mullins10 Nov 188580PictureN-086
NethercottElizabethWife of Robert Nethercott11 Jun 189069PictureS-022
NethercottJohnSon of Robert Nethercott21 Jun 18637PictureS-026
NickelsAlbert Arthur11 May 1996839 Apr 1913PictureM-J13Of Vine Cottage
NorthGordon WilliamWidower of Peg E L North16 Jul 20006 Feb 1928PictureS-143
NorthMarjorie 'Peg' E LWife of Gordon William North25 May 199824 Dec 1926PictureS-143
NuttHarry Joseph6 Mar 1924734 May 1850PictureM-B25Of Oxford
OckendonReginald FrederickHusband of Molly Ockendon1 May 1954594 Jul 1895PictureM-A20
OckendonMary(Molly)Widow of Reginald F Ockendon29 Sep 20009718 May 1903PictureM-A20Rose Hill - Robin Hill - Bideford
Owens (Lt Col)John Geoffrey29 Nov 200082PictureS-168M.B.E. Of Woodside

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