Churchyard Gravestones • D - G

Surname D-GChristian NamesRelationshipDiedAgeBornPicturePlotComments
DarkRogerSon of Richard and Frances Dark17 May 177629PictureN-182Of the parish of Merton?
DarkeFrancesWife of Richard Darke24 Dec 1781PictureN-161
DaubenyElla MaryWidow of Henry Graham Daubeny16 Feb 194584PictureM-D06Of Hazelwood Cottage
DaubenyHenry GrahamHusband of Ella Mary Daubeny21 Jan 194588PictureM-D05Of Hazelwood Cottage
DaubenyViolet Annie Graham30 Jan 1953Picture
M-F06No age given 65?
DaubenyAnneWidow of H Giles J Daubeny23 Jul 196670PictureS-164
Daubeny (Maj)H Giles JHusband of Anne Daubeny27 Nov 195663PictureS-164R.A.S.C. (Ret'd)
DaveyJaneDaughter of George and Mary Davey22 Apr 184414PictureS-010
DaveyLavinia FrancesWidow of William Davey2 Mar 191174PictureN-133
DaveyGeorgeHusband of Mary Davey1 May 187275PictureS-050
DaveyMaryWidow of George Davey23 Feb 187776PictureS-050
DaveyWilliamHusband of Lavinia Frances Davey23 Apr 189872PictureN-133Sergeant Royal Marine Artillery
DaveyElizabethWife of Robert Davey20 May 182064PictureS-047
DaviesSalomeDaughter of John Davies28 Mar 181428PictureN-183
DavyGracedaughter of Robert and Elizabeth Davy25 May 17909mPictureN-186
DawsonEffie Linda196487PictureM-G06Buried 16 Jun 1964
DennisCharles Brian12 Aug 199584PictureM-J12Of Valleys End
DoranDorothy Mary Sear19951909PictureS-145
DowningJamesWidower of Jane Downing21 Mar 189377PictureS-040
DowningJohnSon of James and Mary Downing15 Sep 181531PictureN-172
DowningTheresa JaneDaughter of James and Jane Downing21 Jun 1863PictureS-040
DowningSelinaDaughter of James and Jane Downing28 Dec 18513PictureS-040
DowningJaneWife of James Downing12 Jun 188765PictureS-040
DowningThomasFather of Richard Downing2 Feb 181071PictureS-028
DowningRichardSon of Thomas Downing17 May 183662PictureS-028
DowningJames6 Sep 191085PictureM-A23Late of Footland
DyerAnn9 Dec 185165PictureS-044
DyerWilliam30 May 185875PictureS-056
DyerBeatrice Winifred19681891PictureM-F19Buried 7 Nov 1968 - of Pinewood
DyerMary15 Sep 185682PictureS-045
DymondWilliam Douglas24 Oct 198164PictureM-H08Of 3 Church View
DymondAlice195866PictureM-C10Buried 21 Mar 1958
EW and G1893 and 1900PictureS-101Footstone for William and Grace Easton
ES and M1898 and 1901PictureS-088Footstone for Samuel and Mary Ebsary
EastonWilliamHusband of Grace Easton27 May 189377PictureN-015
EastonGraceWidow of William Easton7 Sep 190080PictureN-015
EbsarySamuelHusband of Mary Ebsary17 Sep 189873PictureN-146
EbsaryMaryWidow of Samuel Ebsary26 Jan 190171PictureN-146
EbsworthHannahWife of George Ebsworth17 Nov 182576PictureS-034
EbsworthGeorgeWidower of Hannah Ebsworth10 Jan 183085PictureS-034
EdwardsAnthony Michael1988471941PictureM-H12Buried 14 Jul 1988
EdwardsAgnes AnnieWidow of Ernest Frank Edwards31 Jan 195980PictureM-F04
EdwardsLeonard Arthur19841905PictureM-H09Bur. 24 Feb 1984 - 9 Aysha Gdns - W.Ho!
EdwardsErnest FrankHusband of Agnes Annie Edwards2 Nov 195274PictureM-F04
EdwardsViolet Wingrave1986831902PictureM-H10Buried 12 Dec 1986
Edwards-ReesWilliam GoodmanHusband of Lillie Edwards-Rees2 Sep 19367724 Aug 1859Picture
M-D22Of Longfield - Bideford
Edwards-ReesLillieWidow of William G Edwards-Rees15 Jul 1958Picture
Edwards-ReesDesirée Mary Mabelladaughter of William Edwards-Rees19671899Picture
EdworthyAlbertinaWife of Charles Edworthy11 Jun 195269PictureM-F02
EdworthyCharlesWidower of Albertina Edworthy29 Aug 195980PictureM-F02Of Venn Cottage
ElliottGertrude May22 Apr 19518119 Mar 1870PictureM-E15
ElliottKathleen Helen31 Jan 19536728 Aug 1885PictureM-E15Of Sunnydene - Annery Kiln
ElliottHarold26 May 19386019 Jun 1877PictureM-C15Of Hillside
EllisJohn1 Feb 183564PictureS-006
EllisAnnWidow of Thomas Ellis24 May 190278PictureN-127
EllisThomasHusband of Ann Ellis7 Jun 189370PictureN-127
EstonAnnDaughter of James and Sarah Eston13 Mar 184018PictureS-043Died of 'pale consumption'.
EvansMichael DavidHusband of Wendy Evans19 Nov 199349PictureM-J08
EvansJulie AnneDaughter of John and Alison Evans18 Apr 19688mPictureM-G13Of Clevedon House - Instow
EvansWalter25 Feb 195747PictureM-F13
FairheadRPictureN-1931914-1918 War Memorial
FernieMargaretdaughter of Alexander Fernie of Arbroath30 Apr 189276PictureN-125Eldest daughter
FernieIsobelSister of Margaret Fernie10 Sep 189274PictureN-125
FernieJaneSister of the Fernie's in grave 12510 Jan 191279PictureN-136
FernieThomasBrother of Margaret and Isobel Fernie19 Nov 189581PictureN-125
FordSarahWife of James Ford13 Jan 183437PictureN-054
FordWinifred MayWife of Arthur Ford6 Jul 195955PictureM-F16Of Mines Road - Bideford
FordJames (Senior)7 Feb 183772PictureN-053
FordArthurWidower of Winifred May Ford28 Jan 197772PictureM-F16Of Polkinghorne
FreemanJ NPictureN-1931914-1918 War Memorial
FreemantleRosita PamelaWidow of Colin Freemantle30 Jun 2002621940PictureS-147Beloved parents of Jeremy and Catherine
FreemantleColinHusband of Rosita P Freemantle19851937PictureS-147Formerly of Southcott House
FrenchIvy DorisWife of Albert Edward French10 Oct 197669PictureS-158Of Greenacres - Halspill
FrenchAlbert EdwardWidower of Ivy Doris French21 Nov 198580PictureS-158Formerly of Greenacres
FryJohnSon of Samuel and Elizabeth Fry30 Dec 182715PictureS-130
FrySamuel26 Nov 183960PictureS-135
FryMaryWife of John Fry1 Aug 190774PictureS-134
FrySusanWidow of Thomas Fry28 Mar 189287PictureS-132
FrySamuelHusband of Elizabeth Fry9 Jan 186664PictureS-136
FrySara ElizabethWife of Thomas Fry189654PictureN-189Also daughter of John and Betsey Balsdon
FryWilliamSon of Thomas and Susan Fry21 Jan 186538PictureS-131
FryThomasHusband of Susan Fry23 Nov 184744PictureS-132
FryElizabethWidow of Samuel Fry13 Jan 186773PictureS-136
FryThomas19 Aug 192871PictureS-137
FryElizabethWife of Samuel Fry21 Feb 183760PictureS-130
FryJohnWidower of Mary Fry1 Aug 191282PictureS-134
GA1886PictureS-119Footstone for Annie Gist
GE and J1905 and 1916PictureN-188Footstone for Ellen and John Gomer
GabrielSusan3 Jul 185873PictureS-055
GardnerPeter RainfordHusband of Sue Gardner28 Sep 1993551937PictureM-J07Of Hillbank Cottage
GeorgePamela Maud9 Jul 200373PictureM-K08Of Southcott Barton
GilbertReginaldSon of William and Susan Gilbert11 Oct 18952y1mPictureN-148
GilbertFannyWidow of Arthur Gilbert13 Mar 195682PictureM-E14
GilbertWilliam27 Jan 192473PictureM-A02
GilbertArthurHusband of Fanny Gilbert2 Mar 195179PictureM-E14Of Dock Cottage
GilbertSusan6 Mar 192978PictureN-148
GillespieIan Hamish27 Apr 199572PictureM-J10Of Kinglsley Cottage - Littleham
GistRichard12 Sep 188769PictureN-083who met with a fatal accident.
GistAnnieDaughter of Richard and Ann Gist6 Mar 18862115 Jul 1865PictureN-087
GloverDesmond G RHusband of Gwendoline E Glover19851913PictureS-141Organist for 56 years at Holy Trinity W G
GloverGwendoline ElizabethWidow of Desmond G R Glover19991909PictureS-141
GomerFrances May1988831904PictureM-G05Buried 4 Mar 1988 - of Brook Cottage
GomerEllenWife of John Gomer29 Sep 190567PictureN-132
GomerRichard26 May 192764PictureM-B02
GomerRichard1963701892PictureM-G05Buried 5 Jun 1963
GomerBlanch EmmaDaughter of William and Susan Gomer10 Nov 18997Picture
GomerJohnWidower of Ellen Gomer13 Nov 191678PictureN-132
GomerEllen193473PictureM-B01Buried 11 Jul 1934
GomerWPictureN-1931914-1918 War Memorial
GoodmanBrian Alexander20 Jul 2002671935PictureS-148Of Swiss Cottage
GordenPhilip19 Jun 187369PictureS-058Died at Park
GordonRichardWidower of Mary Elizabeth Gordon12 Jan 197796PictureM-G08Of Rectory Cottage
GordonElizabethWife of Daniel Gordon21 Dec 184960PictureS-057
GordonFrancis GeorgeWidower of Gladys Mary Gordon2 Jan 199379PictureM-J04
GordonDanielWidower of Elizabeth Gordon27 Apr 185772PictureS-057
GordonMary ElizabethWife of Richard Gordon10 Nov 196682PictureM-G08
GordonGladys MaryWife of Francis George Gordon28 Jan 199280PictureM-J04Of 9 Church View
GorvettGeorge WilliamSon of Aubrey and Elsie Gorvett19 Nov 193111Picture
M-B12Of Annery Kiln
GorvettRonald AubreyBrother of George Gorvett5 Dec 194517Picture
GorvettErnest JamesBrother of George Gorvett31 Oct 199972Picture
GowfordFannydaughter of William and Elizabeth Gowford5 Oct 18123PictureN-173Of Exeter
GrahamAuriol Mary LindsayWife of Geoffrey Graham16 Jul 199428 Jan 1915PictureS-163
GrahamDorisWife of Charles Percy Graham11 Apr 1960PictureS-161
Graham (Lt Col)Charles PercyWidower of Doris Graham12 Apr 1961PictureS-161C.B.E. and D.S.O.
Graham (Maj)Maxwell NalderSon of Charles P and Doris Graham12 Dec 19885 Jul 1915PictureS-162M.B.E.
GreekMaryWife of William Greek22 Sep 183261Picture
S-054Of Venton
GreekWilliamWidower of Mary Greek15 Nov 183362PictureS-053Of Venton
GreekJoseph10 May 182385PictureN-157
GreekElizabethDaughter of William and Mary Greek30 Jan 18042PictureN-171
GreenThomas3 Aug 185278PictureN-115
GreenGraceWife of Thomas Green17 Jan 185276PictureN-114
GreeningAnn27 Nov 186386PictureN-108Of The Strand - Bideford
GregoryBessieWidow of T D Gregory5 May 19196827 Jun 1851Picture
M-A11T D Gregory was a vetinary surgeon
GriffinVera May6 Nov 200386PictureM-K09
GriggFrederickHusband of Rebecca Grigg6 Apr 195081PictureM-D09Of Netherdowns Farm
GriggRebeccaWidow of Frederick Grigg13 Feb 195384PictureM-D09
GriggLindaWife of James Frederick Grigg22 Apr 194543PictureM-D08
GriggJames FrederickWidower of Linda Grigg12 Sep 199091PictureM-D08Of Netherwood Bungalow
GroseMabel EmmaWife of John Sobey Grose30 Jun 191038PictureN-130
GroseJohn SobeyWidower of Mabel Emma Grose24 Aug 194582PictureN-130
GuardMaryDaughter of Joseph and Mary Guard12 May 186328PictureN-069

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