Churchyard Gravestones • A - C

Surname ? + A-CChristian NamesRelationshipDiedAgeBornPicturePlotComments
? Inscription onlyPictureN-185
? Inscription onlyPictureS-005
? Inscription onlyPictureN-159
? Inscription onlyPictureN-178
? Inscription onlyPictureS-011
? Inscription onlyPictureS-082
? Inscription onlyPictureN-17561 years...
? Inscription onlyPictureN-164
? Inscription onlyPictureS-020
? Inscription onlyPictureN-184
? Inscription onlyPictureN-168
? Inscription onlyPictureN-17459 years...
? Inscription onlyPictureN-166
? Inscription onlyPictureN-043
?W1885PictureN-011Footstone for William Burden
AS1851PictureS-031Footstone for Samuel Allen
AbrahamIvy Winifred83PictureM-G07Buried 13 Mar 1991 - of Pyrford
AbrahamEdward Harold196567PictureM-G07Buried 29 Jul 1965 - of Quay House
AlfordJohnSon of William and Susanna Alford16 Feb 184932PictureN-112Of Netherdowns
AlfordWilliamHusband of Susanna Alford21 Nov 185872PictureN-113Of Netherdowns
AlfordLucy AnneDaughter of W and E Alford27 Dec 187020 Jan 1857PictureN-111Of Netherdowns
AlfordJohnSon of W and E Alford16 Jan 185226 Feb 1850PictureN-111Of Netherdowns
AllenSamuelWidower of Elizabeth Allen1 Mar 185177PictureS-032Of Houghton - Hants
AllenElizabethWife of Samuel Allen21 Dec 184365PictureS-033Of Houghton - Hants
AllenEdith Mary McCloveWidow of Albert George Allen2 Jun 196646PictureM-G09
AyreMary11 Jul 186489PictureS-070
BA H1801PictureS-019Footstone for Ann H Burdon
BM A1909PictureN-034Footstone for Mary Ann Burden
BJ1880PictureN-012Footstone for John Burden
BJ1890PictureN-009Footstone for Jane Bird
BE J1863PictureS-122Footstone for Eva Jane Bird
BC1890PictureS-118Footstone for Catherine Burden
BS1881PictureN-020Footstone for Susan Bright
BR1877PictureS-096Footstone for Richard Bird
BW1874PictureS-109Footstone for William Bray
BaileyWilliamWidower of Grace Bailey26 Jun 183575PictureS-036
BaileyWilliamSon of Thomas and Maria Bailey29 Apr 18375PictureN-022
BaileyGraceWife of William Bailey1 Dec 183473PictureS-036
BalsdonBetseyWidow of John Balsdon12 Sep 187166PictureN-189
BalsdonSarah20 Jun 186768PictureN-056
BalsdonEmmaWidow of John F Balsdon10 Dec 191575PictureN-190
BalsdonRobert Percy22 Aug 192046Picture
N-191Of The Barton - Weare Giffard
BalsdonJohnHusband of Betsey Balsdon25 Aug 185462PictureN-189Of Wear Barton
BalsdonJohn FHusband of Emma Balsdon7 Sep 188346PictureN-190
BalsdonJames26 Jun 187780PictureN-056
BalsdonHPictureN-1931914-1918 War Memorial
BanbrookMaryNée Dark19381871PictureS-144
BanbrookJohn191780PictureM-A14Bur. 18 3 1917 of High Park Cott - Alwington
BanbrookMary Ann193064PictureM-B15Buried 6 Aug 1936
BanbrookFPictureN-1931914-1918 War Memorial
BarterStella Elaine20071949PictureS-153
BartlettSusan192084PictureM-A09Buried 12 Jun 1920 of Salterns Farm
BazeleyHenry Russell20 Sep 1934PictureM-E10
Bazeley (MBE)Marjorie Letitia8 Dec 194975PictureM-E10Of Wayside
BecklakeElamWidower of Edith R Becklake28 Jul 196384PictureM-G04
BecklakeErnest ElamHusband of Evelyn B M Becklake1 Jun 200788Picture
M-M03Of Tarka
BecklakeDavid FrankSon of Ernest and Evelyn Becklake19 Jan 19535PictureM-M04Of Fitzenham Cottages - Little Torrington
BecklakeEvelyn Beatrice MaryWidow of Ernest Elam Becklake20 Sep 200785Picture
BecklakeEdith RosalieWife of Elam Becklake11 Nov 196283PictureM-G04Of Taddiport
BedlerMary AnnWife of William Bedler29 Dec 188941PictureN-128
BedlerWilliamWidower of Mary Ann Bedler9 Jul 191964PictureN-128
BeerFrederick ErnestBrother of the late Nita Mabel Beer16 Jul 199585PictureM-F01Formerly of Cliff Cottage
BeerBessie7 Nov 194673PictureM-D03Of Cliff Cottage
BeerEllenWidow of John Evanleigh Beer1 Apr 196777PictureM-F15
BeerAda MaryNée Colwill20 Sep 194626PictureM-D19Of School House
BeerWilliam20 Nov 189335PictureN-139Died at Alverdiscott
BeerErnest PercyHusband of Ethel R Beer29 Jan 195777PictureM-B19
BeerFrederick JamesHusband of Eliza Beer7 Jan 193867PictureM-C11Of WG
BeerLilian EvelineDaughter of Herbert and Bessie Beer2 Mar 194425PictureM-D02Of Cliff Cottage
BeerJohn EvanleighHusband of Ellen Beer10 Jun 195978PictureM-F15
BeerNita MabelSister of Frederick Ernest Beer1 Nov 197365PictureM-F01Of Cliff Cottage
BeerElizaWidow of Frederick James Beer30 Oct 194473PictureM-C11Of Exeter Road - Exmouth
BeerLeslie John192011PictureM-A08Buried 13 Jun 1920
BeerWilliam JamesSon of Ernest and Ethel Beer15 Oct 19145PictureM-A19Of Annery Kiln
BeerEthel RosalineWidow of Ernest Percy Beer29 Dec 196982PictureM-B19
BeerEdith Eileen19302PictureM-O03Buried 2 Feb 1930
BerthonPaul Alured2005911914PictureM-K10Of Corner Cottage
BirdEva JaneDaughter of Richard and Jane Bird24 Apr 18638PictureN-030
BirdJane6 Jun 189060PictureN-052
BirdRichard10 Jul 187755PictureN-051
BlightJohn15 Apr 183926PictureS-002Drowned near Bideford Bridge
BlightEmily192164PictureM-A07Buried 30 Dec 1921
BraddonElizabethWife of William D Braddon19 Nov 192268PictureM-A04
BraddonWilliam DanielWidower of Elizabeth Braddon14 Apr 193482PictureM-A05Died at Abbotsham
BrauntonBeatrice MaryWidow of Frank John Braunton2 Apr 197782PictureM-D21Of April Cottage
BrauntonLauraWife of Frank Braunton5 Nov 191826PictureM-A12
BrauntonBrian FrankSon of Aubrey and Amy Braunton26 Apr 19447wksPictureM-N02Of Rectory Cottage
BrauntonFrank JohnHusband of Beatrice Mary Braunton28 Jan 194855PictureM-D21
BrauntonT JPictureN-1931939-1945 War Memorial
BrayWilliam5 Jun 187427PictureN-002
BrendCephas Henry20041926PictureS-152Of Church View
BrightSusan20 Oct 188178PictureS-067
BrightJohn11 May 188781PictureN-044
BrightWilliam193378PictureM-C02Buried 31 Dec 1933 of WG
BrinsmeadMary9 Mar 182822mPictureS-017
BrinsmeadElizabethRelict of Henry Brinsmead1 Mar 186180PictureS-014
BrinsmeadThomasSon of Henry and Eliz'th Brinsmead7 Feb 183529PictureS-025
BrinsmeadHenryHusband of Elizabeth Brinsmead24 Nov 184471PictureS-015
BrinsmeadRobert HenrySon of William and Mary Brinsmead22 Mar 184717PictureN-080
BrinsmeadSusandaughter of Thomas and Susan Brinsmead20 Jan 184210PictureS-024
BrinsmeadSusannahRelict of Thomas Brinsmead9 Sep 182879PictureS-016Thomas - was a yeoman of St Giles
BrownMary Ann24 Aug 184657PictureN-103
BryantWilliam2 Sep 186129PictureN-028
BurdenJohnHusband of Catherine Burden24 Jul 188069PictureN-107Of Wyatt
BurdenCatherineWidow of John Burden2 May 189084PictureN-106Of Wyatt
BurdenWilliamSon of John and Catherine Burden3 Mar 188547PictureN-105Of Wyatt
BurdenMary Ann6 Aug 190966PictureN-049
BurdonAnn HDaughter of Henry and Ann Burdon18 Oct 180130PictureS-004
BurnardMary HuxtableWidow of Henry Colwill Burnard13 Mar 197686PictureM-F08Of South Yeo Farm - Instow
BurnardHenry ColwillHusband of Mary Huxtable Burnard21 Jun 195468PictureM-F08Of Chapel Cottage
BusbyBetty Nesta27 May 194625PictureM-D13
BusbyAPictureN-1931914-1918 War Memorial
BuseGladys KathleenWife of Walter Buse11 Jun 199388Picture
CM and G1882 and 1886PictureS-110Footstone for Mary and George Copp
CJ E and T A1878 and 1899PictureM-C43Footstone for James and Thomas Chamings
CM1863PictureS-108Footstone for Mary Chamings
CM1864PictureS-124Footstone for Mary Ching
CR1848PictureS-123Footstone for Richard Ching
CD W1845PictureS-107Footstone for Daniel W Chamings
CM APictureS-112Footstone
CE1882PictureS-111Footstone for Elizabeth Callard
CW and E1895 and 1901PictureS-089Footstone for William and Elizabeth Cole
CallardElizabethWife of William Callard19 Oct 188275PictureN-019William - a yeoman of Bishops Nympton
CannFrancisWife of William Cann24 Jan 187389PictureN-081
ChamingsDaniel8 Dec 186064PictureN-025
ChamingsMarydaughter of James and Ann Chamings4 Aug 18635PictureN-024
ChamingsWilliam HenryHusband of Margaret E Chamings4 Apr 199790Picture
M-J14Of Little Weare Barton
ChamingsDaniel WSon of Daniel and Mary Chamings12 Jun 184520PictureN-078
ChamingsWilliam DanielHusband of Carrie Chamings3 Feb 193975Picture
M-C18Of Little Weare
ChamingsMargaret EmilyWidow of William Henry Chamings16 Oct 199782Picture
ChamingsThirzaWife of Thomas Anthony Chamings27 Feb 187541PictureS-133
ChamingsCarrieWidow of William Daniel Chamings13 Aug 194270Picture
M-C18Killed by enemy action at Teignmouth
ChamingsThomas FrySon of late Thomas A Chamings24 Feb 192764PictureM-B23Of Little Weare Barton
ChamingsThomas AnthonyFather of James Edwin Chamings27 Dec 189972Picture
M-J14Gravestone moved from North Churchyard
ChamingsJames EdwinSon of Thomas and Thirza Chamings3 Sep 18786Picture
M-J14Of Little Weare Barton
ChingRichardHusband of Mary Ching20 Jun 184867PictureN-104
ChingMaryWidow of Richard Ching6 Apr 186481PictureN-104
ChingMargaret19 Mar 189178PictureN-104
ChingGerald193029PictureM-B08Buried 14 Dec 1930 - of Barnstaple
ClarkeAnnWidow of John Clarke29 Jan 19458824 May 1857PictureM-A17Lived at Ivy Cottage
ClarkeMary AnnWife of John Clarke28 Mar 188762PictureN-074
ClarkeJohnHusband of Ann Clarke1 May 19155910 Mar 1856PictureM-A16
ClementsErnest FredeickHusband of Rose Mary Clements12 Oct 195757PictureM-F09Of Factory Cottage - Rope Walk - Bideford
ClementsFrederickHusband of Mary Ann Clements7 Aug 193465Picture
M-N06Of Osborne House
ClementsMary Ann30 Sep 196488Picture
ClementsMinnie Ellen(née Grigg)1991901901PictureM-J01Buried 17 May 1991
ClementsRose MaryWidow of Ernest F Clements17 Oct 198083PictureM-F09
CoadWilfred1 Apr 198881PictureM-H11Of School House
CoadPaul Allan9 Feb 1995311963PictureM-K03Of Woodbine Cottage
CogginsKaren13 Feb 2006488 May 1957PictureS-165Of Summer Place
ColeWilliamHusband of Elizabeth Cole23 Aug 189566PictureN-116
ColeElizabethWidow of William Cole9 Feb 190174PictureN-116
ColwillArchelaus15 Jun 182163PictureN-179
ColwillMaryWife of Archelaus Colwill6 Feb 182066PictureN-169
CookJohn14 May 176947PictureN-167
CookeHenrietta22 Jul 1994861 Sep 1907PictureS-160Of 10 Tavern Gardens
CooperJohn GrovesWidower of Lydia H Cooper23 Aug 191628 Feb 1826PictureN-129
CooperGertrude ElizabethWife of William Gerald G Cooper19751897PictureN-129Died in Umtali - Rhodesia
CooperWilliam Gerald GrovesWidower of Gertrude E Cooper19811890PictureN-129Died in Umtali - Rhodesia
CooperLydia HoskynWife of John Groves Cooper28 Aug 190529 Jan 1828PictureN-129daughter of Sydenham Peppin vicar Branscombe
CooperMaria Maude GrovesDaughter of Lydia and John Cooper19 Dec 194312 Jul 1858PictureN-129
CooperRonald GrovesSon of William and Gertrude Cooper19941924PictureN-129Buried in Sevenoaks
CoppMaryWife of George Copp26 Jul 188269PictureN-055
CoppGeorgeWidower of Mary Copp7 Mar 188668PictureN-055
CreedyElizaWife of George Creedy9 Oct 185927PictureN-120Of Sidbury - Devon
CrossmanJohn and GeorgeSons of John and Frances Crossman28 Apr 1771PictureS-098
CurtisGertrude MayWife of Albert William C Curtis14 Dec 197480PictureM-G19Of Downings
CurtisAlbert William CharlesWidower of Gertrude May Curtis24 Sep 198084PictureM-G19Of Downings - Chopes Bridge

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